How it began


During my school days, I developed a deep appreciation and love for photography. After many years of perfecting my 'wet photography' skills I leapt into the digital world and haven't looked back. 


The Story 

Initially, I believed The Strawberry Story would allow me to simply share my images but I quickly realised that it was the perfect platform to record the magic that is to be found in every day. From my love for the sea to my adoration of the perfect china tea cup. 

Travelling, learning and experiencing the world around me is what gives me inspiration. I hope to inspire you to seek out and explore the amazing world around us whether it be in my hometown of Sydney, Australia or on the banks of Lake Como, Italy.


xx The Strawberry Story  

The Strawberry Story prints are now available on Etsy! Click on the link below to purchase your own downloadable print to decorate any space and spark your nostalgia!