Under the Tuscan Sun

This classic movie from the early 2000's is riddled with light comedic moments, life-affirming experiences and of course some of the most enticing montages of Italy's best scenery. So, on an evening during our stay in southern Tuscany we decided to make the journey up to the hilltop town of Cortona, where Under the Tuscan Sun is set. We quickly discovered the many charming reasons to fall in love with this typically Tuscan town.

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As we drove up the steadily climbing road to reach Cortona, we caught glimpses of the beauty and sprawling scenes that were ahead.

Once we reached the top, we parked on the outskirts and took in the view before heading in by foot.

Locals also began to ascend upon Cortona; some for evening mass, others for an aperitivo.

It was the perfect time to wander the streets. We started at the Piazza della Repubblica where the charming clock tower watches over the people in the main square. Just as in 'Under the Tuscan Sun' it really did seem it would sing "Ding, dang, dong" rather than the mediocre "Ding, dong".

We did a bit of window shopping and inspected cafes and restaurants for dinner before continuing up a side street leading us away from the square. It was quiet and tranquil with not a single soul in sight. As we strolled over the cobbles, we mused about who may live behind these century old walls.

We took a look inside one of the churches and couldn't believe the beautiful frescoes on the wall of such an unassuming building.

As the sun began to set, we went in search of that magical tuscan light.

It kept pulling at us until we reached the very edge of Cortona.

We watched in awe until there was all but a lick of light left on the rolling hills of the horizon.

Having worked up an appetite, J and I went straight to Taverna Pane e Vino. This place is an absolute must! It's traditional in all the right ways and delicious in every way. Located right on the piazza, it is famous for its bruschetta where you can pick from many local delicacies to top your toasty bread! We tried tomato, nduja and pecorino with truffles and after one bite, decided it was necessary to get another round. A bowl of pasta and an espresso later, we were back on the streets dreaming about our own little villa under the tuscan sun!


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