Escaping to Burano

We awoke to a misty morning in our Venice apartment and decided there was no better way to spend the day than to head across the lagoon to the bright and magical island of Burano.

On the boat, J and I huddled together to keep warm in prime position along the railing for the perfect view. We made sure to take a closer look in all of the luxury Venetian speedboats just in case George and Amal Clooney were aboard.

We emerged from the fog at our first stop of the day, the island of Murano famous for its blown glass. We popped in and out of the many specialty shops, especially in awe of the glass chandeliers that hung from their ceilings. In a tiny back room of one of the shops I came across the most incredible pair of earrings, unique in its design to the many found in Venice. So, it’s definitely worth a deeper look here on the island for something extra special to take home from your travels.

We hopped back on the boat and headed to our final destination, Burano and its multicoloured houses. A little unsure of exactly which stop to take, we got off a stop early and explored more of the untouched side to the island. We peered through archways and over fences, discovering beautiful vineyards and unusual villas that had likely been in these Venetian families for generations.

A path along the waters edge eventually brought us to the heart of Burano and what a delight it was on such a gloomy day!

With little more than a whim on that very morning taking us to the island, we had no plan for lunch so quickly set about searching for something delicious. We were not disappointed! After a little strolling back and forth, we settled on Riva Rosa with its perfect canal side location.

We took a seat outside and our waiter suggested an aperitif of a seasonal Rossini. Of course, no convincing was required. We both decided on the Risotto di ‘Go’ which was described as a traditional risotto with lagoon fish. With much anticipation, the risotto arrived and we were surprised not to see any fish. Nonetheless, we took a bite and it was truly amazing! The best thing we had ever eaten (this says even more considering J has a strong dislike for seafood in pasta and rice). It surely will remain at the top of our list for a long time to come.

Our waiter came back and explained that the fish are small (sardine-like) and cooked to make a stock until they are soft. Then they are pushed through a sieve and mixed through the risotto. INCREDIBLE.

It would be crime to not finish the meal with an Italian dessert, so we took in the view a little longer with cake and coffee.

Then it was time to discover the little streets and squares surrounding the main canal. I cherish the little glimpses of Italian life we found when we stepped off the beaten track on this delightful island.

Before we headed back to Venice, we visited some lace stores, Burano’s specialty. These were beautiful, some even having their artisans creating the traditional and intricate needlework on their shop floor. A souvenir or two later and we were back in our cozy apartment listening to the gondoliers below us.

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