Country Living

I have always dreamt of spending the holidays with family in the country, sharing long lunches in a beautiful garden, diving into an inviting pool beside a luxurious summer house and waking up to the sounds of birds rather than an alarm. With my uncle renovating the most enchanting estate in regional Victoria this may all become a reality in the not too distant future.

J and I recently took a trip to see the beautiful two storey blue stone homestead and how the work was coming along.

We pulled into the long drive and were drawn towards the house by the corridor of trees which stretched ahead of us. Just beyond the stone wall and gates, the incredible facade opened out before us. With its deep wrap around verandah and lush views over the surrounding rolling hills, we couldn't wait to get out of our little hire car and stretch our legs!

My uncle welcomed us in and showed us around the formal part of the house with its cozy sitting rooms, elaborate dining space and magical foyer. We could only imagine how gorgeous it would be in the winter with the roaring fires.

The casual living areas have an incredible art deco feel to them and with so much natural light it's the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea!

The sun began to set and it was time to head upstairs for a well earned rest after the long drive. Our room was enormous, surely as big as many inner city apartments! We weren't complaining. I love discovering all the thoughtful design elements, whether it is the antique french mirror with children reminiscent of harlequin dolls dancing around the frame or the stack of perfectly chosen interior books to browse through. It wasn't long before our heads hit the pillow and shorter still until we fell into a deep sleep.

Sure enough, the next morning we woke to the gentle chirping of birds playing on the verandah outside our door and the trickling of the water from the fountain, the sun streaming in and begging us to head out and enjoy the day!

Not needing much encouragement, we made a cup of tea and enjoyed it outside in my uncles favourite spot with the gorgeous Geordie for company. Between chasing sheep and chickens, he is never too hard to find.

J couldn't wait any longer, it was time to lust over my uncles incredible car collection! From Mercedes' to Alfa's, they are all to die for. But, how could anyone go past the perpetually elegant Pagoda? I can definitely see myself driving around Grace Kelly style, windows down and scarf billowing behind in this beauty.

Then it was on to a different type of transport, the quad bike! J and I quickly jumped on and began speeding around the property finding creeks, lama's and even a magical tree. It is said that the tree died many years ago when the forest of pine trees began to grow around it and now creates an eerie light in the middle of an otherwise mysterious darkness. We tried (with no success) to reach the light flooded tree. That will be waiting for us to discover next time.

After a little exploring around the main town, with its cafes, antique shops and botanic garden we were refuelled and rested, ready for our return drive.

We cannot wait to see what they do with this 1853 beauty by our next trip!

xx The Strawberry Story