Discovering Lana

A small and enchanting town nestled among the hills of Northern Italy, Lana is surely not on the top of most young peoples list to travel to when exploring Europe. J and I were lucky enough to discover why it really should be!

After feeling completely rejuvenated from a restful few days at Hotel Schwarzschmied (located on the edges of Lana), we decided to venture out on a set of gorgeous cruiser bikes and enjoy the spring sunshine.

Riding through the city you cant help but feel the huge impact this regions German heritage has had on it. From the typically Austrian architecture to the food and language (we only heard people speaking German!), it is a little melting pot of European cultures.

Being Australian and having our very own continent to ourselves, the simple idea that you can drive into another country is hard to grasp so this truly was a fascinating place.

We stopped at a few little shops and cafes in town before the streetscape quickly turned into rows and rows of grape vines and apple orchards.

We eventually made our way to the delightful Kränzelhof winery and garden.

J and I perched our bikes to the side of one of the incredibly beautiful willow trees and headed in for a well deserved wine tasting.

After savoring every last drop under the dappled light of the courtyard, we wandered into the renowned gardens.

There are 7 beautifully designed gardens to explore which really feel like natures own art.

There are amphitheaters, swings and mazes to discover, all of which are only enhanced by the peaceful surroundings.

Soon enough it was time to pedal back to Schwarzschmied for our afternoon yoga class and plan our next day of hiking and our trip to the famed Lago di Braies!

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