Discovering Schönbrunn

What little girl (or not so little), doesn’t dream of getting lost in a palace wonderland? Well look no further than Schönbrunn Palace in Austria’s capital, Vienna. This incredible complex consists of so much more than a castle.

Walking through the incredible gates, you are instantly struck by the expansive façade, its bright yellow are stark contrast with the gorgeous blue skies behind it.

There are many beautiful rooms to explore and exhibitions to discover which are definitely well worth a visit.

A few hours later, we emerged schooled in Austrian history and the beauty of its design and architecture.

We began to wander through the sprawling formal gardens, discovering so many hidden beauties (the maze definitely shouldn’t be missed!).

We made our way up to the Gloriette, to enjoy a moment in the sun with a delicious lunch and Viennese hot chocolate.

Afterwards, we stumbled across the loveliest glasshouse (the Palm House), filled with tropical and South American flowers.

There were locals tucked away on benches painting and drawing the beautifully vibrant plants.

With our feet tiring and the sun fading, we didn’t manage to make it to the zoo but it’s on our list for our next visit!

Xx The Strawberry Story

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