City Story: Bergen

This picturesque little city is famed for for being the entrance to the fjords and rain. Unfortunately, J and I had a particularly thorough experience with Bergen’s infamous weather. However, this didn’t stop us from getting out and about (except when the wind began to howl).


The quintessential Bergen site is of course Bryggen, the character filled wooden houses which line the harbour. This UNESCO world heritage site has been rebuilt many times with only traditional methods.

There are many shops dedicated to Scandinavian design scattered along the harbour and we even found a sweet little Christmas shop.

Wandering through the streets behind Bryggen is a must and you may even discover one of the many graffiti walls.

If you continue a little further away from the water you will reach the entrance to the Fløibanen, a funicular to the top of the Fløyen mountain.

The views are spectacular on the way up and as you explore the forest.

There are many walking and mountain bike trails, but unfortunately we left our snow boots at the hotel that day and there was just a little too much ice for us to get to adventurous!


Head to the fish markets on the harbour shore for a fresh seafood dinner. I had a delicious kebab made of all local fish. It was cozy inside with blankets and heaters, looking out over the lights of Bryggen. I'm sure it would be equally lovely in the summer with the glass doors wide open.

We had the most delicious afternoon pit stop at Det Lille Kaffekompaniet. It is the perfect little coffee spot with freshly baked cakes and pastries just steps away from the funicular entrance.

Matbørsen was also a great find. Scandinavia is notoriously expensive and this beautiful heritage building offers a variety of cuisine all under one roof, with a great atmosphere and price.


The Clarion Hotel Admiral was just what we needed while in Bergen.

It was centrally located with a bonus of fantastic views over the harbour to Bryggen.

The unique take on Scandinavian style was definitely welcoming after a day out in the cold, not to mention the take-away coffee/tea stand in the lobby!

Step Outside:

The omnipresence of the fjords and mountains surrounding Bergen are always beckoning you to discover them. J and I opted for the 'Norway in a Nutshell' round trip which includes trains, bus and boat rides through the surrounding mountains and a trip along the Aurlandsfjord and infamous Nærøyfjord (more in the next post).

There are so many options for exploring this typical Norwegian landscape but the 'Norway in a Nutshell' is definitely a fantastic place to start.

xx The Strawberry Story