Snowstorm in the Fjord

As the saying goes, ‘it’s not about the destination, but the journey’ and this was truly one of those days.

Having discovered many of the streets and sights of Ålesund J and I decided to hire a car to do our own day trip to the incredible Geirangerfjord, approx. a 3 hour drive (and car ferry) away.

The scenery on the way there was like nothing we had ever seen before. Frozen lakes, harsh cliffs, open plains (which looked like they were from space) and snow blanketed forest.

This drive had it all! We stopped at many view points along the way or when we saw something that looked too magical to simply zoom past.

While standing road side above this beautiful fjord, the wind picked up and blew all the fresh snow in swirls around us, creating a sparkling whirlwind!

We reached the hairpin filled road that was to take us down into the fjord and couldn’t believe our eyes. The view was more beautiful than we could have imagined. The photos which we had bookmarked on Instagram could never do it justice.

We reached the bottom but our excitement to get out and take our own shots was put on hold because a snow storm rolled in!

We sat patiently in the car for the next hour until it had cleared enough to see more than a few metres. We popped our heads out, deciding the storm had passed and like bears emerging from hibernation we crawled out of the car to discover the beautiful fjord.

Our eyes were drawn upwards to the summit of the fjord when we heard a rumbling noise in the distance. What we saw was a huge puffs of snow rising up from what looked to be a mini avalanche. It was building as it ran down the top of the mountain façade but luckily just as I began to panic, the rumbling softened and the snow cloud settled! I am definitely glad that I have not experienced a ferocious Norwegian avalanche.

It was such a peaceful landscape to get completely lost in (after the mini avalanche moment!).

Wandering around the edge of the fjord, J and I were amazed with the beauty of this amazing place. We stumbled upon empty holiday houses and fishing huts and being the only people there, it was even more mystical.

On our way back to Ålesund we had probably the most challenging driving conditions we have ever driven in. Thankfully we made it home in one piece and even managed to stop and get this eery shot!

Xxx The Strawberry Story