Take a Walk on the Wild Side

On a rainy day in Sydney, I headed back to Taronga Zoo for the opening of the incredible Squirrel Monkey Jungle Walk, a walk-through experience that is completely unique in Australia.

Rather than peer in at these charismatic animals from behind glass and fences you are invited to walk among the monkeys as they joyfully play with each other, running over pathways at your feet and jumping over you on tree low hanging tree branches.

Walking through the exhibit, it is clear to see the interesting dynamic of the group and the hierarchical structure common in primates. Young monkeys learning and testing boundaries, while older, more mature monkeys happily sit eating their food.

There is no doubt that this it is a moving experience to watch such enchanting animals from within their habitat and it is truly easy to get lost with them. On any day or any given afternoon, the Squirrel Monkeys at Taronga Zoo are well worth a visit.

xx The Strawberry Story