An Afternoon at the Croquet

Earlier this month, The Royal Croquet Club came to Sydney for the very first time and it set up camp in one of the most iconic parts of the city, Bondi Beach.

J and I couldn't think of a better way to start the summer than to spend the afternoon sipping Pimms and playing croquet.

The fields were set up with seating surrounding the perimeter for prime viewing. J and I assessed the (much needed) instructions and got started!

J was a little enthusiastic whereas I was a little more calculated. Slow and steady wins the race!

With the sun beating down on us it was time for a refreshment and Messina ice cream was the obvious choice. Set in the typically Australian 'Campbells' can that artist Andy Warhol made famous, we indulged in a delicious peanut butter concoction topped off with crispy pretzels.

There was lots of entertainment to keep revellers busy, including a DJ, mini theatre and these quirky kangaroos!

Feeling famished we decided to head to The Bucket List, a location ordinarily packed to the brim (famous for its delicious cocktail buckets for sharing!) but on this weeknight evening we were blessed with perfect weather and dining.

Until next year ...

xx The Strawberry Story