Typically Tasmanian

There are a few things that Tasmania is well known for; 1. Salmon (my favourite) 2. The wilderness and 3. Apples. We spent a day enjoying all three, plus a few more!

It was a particularly windy day, but we decided to head to the hills to see my sisters property because J hadn’t seen it yet. It’s in the picturesque Huon Valley and this area (only 30mins from the capital, Hobart) is filled with great things to see and do.

The steep drive had just been resurfaced and we had a much better journey up in the 4WD than the first visit I had a few months earlier.

After hiking around the property (the reality of having beautiful views over a valley) we had worked up an appetite.

A few minutes down the road is the eclectic Willie Smith’s. Willie Smith was a migrant to Tasmania who started an apple orchard with his family in 1888. It is still a fully functioning orchard but now the specialty is their variety of ciders. Of course J was intrigued.

In an old shed that no doubt was used to store apples in another life, is a modern yet rustic restaurant, fitting of the history and surroundings of this place.

Instantly your eyes are drawn to the vibrant display of apple varieties but there is so much more to take in.

The heated piping above you, small nooks with comfy lounges, bouquet’s of wild flowers on the tables and the expansive windows exposing the view.

But with the weather as beautiful as it was, we took a table outside in the sun.

J and I settled on ordering the tasting paddle of ciders.

To appease our rumbling bellies, I got the salmon plate which was filled with many different salmon delights, including Tasmanian smoked salmon and rillette.

J got the most delicious looking croque monsieur! Willie Smith also caters for many food intolerances including my sisters to gluten, so don't feel you would miss out on anything tasty here!

Enjoying our little spot looking over the courtyard and not being quit ready to leave, we decided to try some more cider and dessert! J chose a pear cider (Perry) and my sister and I tried the cherry that was to die for, with a side of an enormous elderberry scone with fresh cream.

The sun was starting to lose its heat and we decided to make our way back home to bunker down for the evening, not before stopping along the way to buy a few bags of fresh apples.

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