A Royal Affair

Before setting the Royal scene for the party, I got dressed into my gown and I was lucky enough to have a beautiful Swarovski crystal tiara to wear. Although it wasn’t strictly part of the costume, how could I resist the opportunity to go all out as a Princess.

I also wore a beautiful pair of Kate Spade earnings (the perfect Birthday gift!) and a Monica Vinader diamond ring.

I finished everything off with a little magical glitter spray to add that extra sparkle.

J and I got to work on setting up the decorations and a ‘regal’ photobooth was on the top of that list. We had used cardboard to construct an elaborate looking frame and spray painted it gold.

J strung up a canopy of fairy lights and draped them over the neatly manicured hedges of the backyard.

He also put together a croquet set with mini mallets and balls, the direction of play being indicated by the number of silver stripes on each wicket.

We hung the photobooth above the hedges and placed beside it a box of props with anything and everything royal from crowns and tiaras to fans and a scepter, not to mention the amazing Royal family masks my sister made.

We set up a ‘self serve’ drinks table with all the spirits, mixers and extras needed.

To finish off the scene we used candles, table runners and large plush bows.

Ready for the guests, I headed downstairs and was greeted by my very own knight in shining armor! My Dad took the gallant role on of guard at the front door, welcoming everyone with “Who goes there?” and a questionably friendly wave of his foam sword.

We had a Royal from every corner of the globe, Aladdin and Jasmine, Pocahontas, Helen of Troy, a Saudi Sheikh, King and Queen of Hearts, The Duchess of Cambridge, Elvis and many more.

As we all gazed around the brightly, glittering courtyard it was time to take turns in the photobooth. As some took silly snaps behind the lens, others took to the croquet and the competitiveness set in.

Even Teddy (affectionately renamed Prince Theodore for the night) was having fun.

Over the night we nibbled on delicious treats, culminating in delightful tiara-topped birthday cake.

We danced the night away, spinning and twirling until our glass slippers could take no more.

I reluctantly hung up my dress and tiara, until my next Royal event.