Once Upon a Time

Although I may not have had a red carpet to walk or an event in Cannes to attend, I did have a special evening planned and it seems Blake Lively and I have something in common. We both love the magical idea of spending the night as Cinderella.

Earlier this year I had decided to celebrate my birthday with a themed event and wanted something a little more unique than ‘Great Gatsby’ but wanted everyone to feel they could get involved whether they liked going all out or just adding a themed accessory.

I decided on a ‘Royal’ theme because the options really are endless. Disney Princesses, The Duchess of Cambridge or the King of pop himself, Michael Jackson! The list goes on...

It only took to think back to last year and the mesmerizing Lily James in Cinderella to decide on my outfit - just as Blake Lively did at the Cannes Film Festival.

And indeed Claire Danes did at the Met Gala.

After not picking up a needle and thread in over 6 years I thought it was well and truly time to get creative at the sewing machine. I found a Simplicity pattern and got to work searching for all the materials.

With the popularity of ‘Frozen’ and the Elsa dress, fabrics were a particularly green shade of blue and did not evoke images of the incredible gown designed by Jane Law for the film. Who would have thought that finding organza, tulle and silk in a beautiful blue would be so challenging?

On closer inspection of the Cinderella dress, my Mum and I discovered that part of the gowns beauty was the intricacy and depth of the full skirt which not only exhibited shades of blue but also pink and purple.

With this in mind we came up with the perfect solution using a pale pink organza, blue silk and lightly shimmering blue organza overlay.

This combination achieved the ideal tones and depth achieved in the original gown.

The most time consuming aspect to the process was cutting out the many, many pieces. The skirt alone had 3 layers, each consisting of 6 segments.

The pattern actually had an additional 6 layers of tulle to create the full skirt appearance. I however, had a trick up my sleeve. After a quick search on eBay, I found a three-hooped petticoat with a single layer of tulle. This was the perfect option to create the whimsical, sweeping skirt without the extra hours at the sewing machine (and only cost $25).

Over the next few weeks, I slowly put together the remaining parts of the gown; the waistband, bodice and sleeves.

I found beautifully delicate butterflies to complete the look and I couldn’t have been happier.

Keep an eye out for the next post for all the details of the Royal party.

xxx The Strawberry Story