When Life Gives You Mandarins

We are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to fruit during the winter in Australia but the cooler days always evoke memories of peeling juicy mandarins on the chilly playground at recess.

So when we discovered that there was a mandarin orchard less than 2 hours from the city, we piled into the car and headed out to Wiseman’s Ferry for a day fruit picking.

After what seemed like an eternity of driving behind a less than confident driver on an unsealed road up, over and through the mountains the road opened out to scenes of the sparkling Hawkesbury River.

We drove down a little path and parked on the edge of Watkins Orchard. The view was beautiful looking up from the valley around us.

We got a bucket each and ventured into the long rows of mandarin trees, eager to get our hands on the juicy fruit.

Admittedly there may have been a little ‘one for me, one for the bucket’ going on.

We wasted away the afternoon finding the best mandarins from the highest, untouched, sun-kissed branches.

You could also pick your own mushrooms, chickens and collect eggs, not to mention pick up some delicious local honey.

Feeling content with our 7kg of mandarins each we made our way home where those mandy’s would be lucky to make it to next weekend.

xxx The Strawberry Story