Celebrating the First Sunny Easter in... Forever

Easter in Sydney is spent indoors consuming copious amounts of chocolate because the wet weather usually plagues the entire four day long weekend. However, this Easter the skies were clear and the temperatures were warm. It was just perfect for a long brunch in the sun.

Champagne and orange juice was the aperitif of choice as we waited for a few last goodies from the oven. These floral and strawberry ice cubes were so fun and easy to create!

I kept the table setting simple with dainty cake plates and forks, etched glassware, fresh gardenia's from the garden and this gorgeous bunny (from Bed Bath and Table). He fitted in beautifully with the excess of pastels.

All the food was ready but there was one little man particularly excited for a taste. Don't worry, Mr. Teddy got his fair share of brunch!

We were all behaving ourselves and started with savoury, leaving some very important room for dessert though.

The quiche was a particular hit, as was the baked brie. Who can say no to warm, oozy cheese?

This orange custard cake with cream cheese icing was heavenly (recipe to come). The zing of the citrus perfectly cut through the dense, moist texture of the cake.

I couldn't help myself with these cute bunny cotton tail cakes. Coconut, lime and white chocolate are such a classic combination and it was all packaged up in these delightful little bites.

I also made strawberry and vanilla shortbreads for a lighter option and you can never go wrong with a seasonal fruit platter.

After we had all had much more than an eloquent sufficiency, it was time to take it back to our childhood days ... the Easter Egg Hunt.