Unwrapping Munich

On the last Sunday of advent we woke to uncharacteristically blue, clear skies and bitingly cold air that was surprisingly inviting. They were perfect conditions to walk up the tower of St. Peter’s Church and enjoy the breathtaking views of Munich and its surrounds.

This was not the first time I had wound my way up these tiny bell tower stairs. I had visited Munich as a teenager and made the same trek back then.

On this trip, I began to appreciate the different experiences we may have of a single place at different stages in our lives. Standing up on the viewing deck in the silence looking over this extraordinary city, I considered the many challenges in Munich’s past.

It brought me back to thoughts of the unrest in the world we live in today and how it shapes us as people and nations alike.

After about 30 minutes our fingers were almost frozen solid and it was time to thaw out. What better way to do so than have a heiße schokolade?

Behind the church we found a little café and couldn’t help but take a seat outside to soak up the beautiful surrounds.

As we waited for our drinks to arrive, the city began to wake. Markets below us that were filled with delicious fresh produce were opening and people emerged from their apartments ready for what would likely be a day of last minute Christmas shopping.

I must say, I have had a lot of hot chocolates in my time and this one was in my top 3. Rich, not too sweet and served with cream, need I say more?

We enjoyed our charming little spot for as long as possible before continuing our adventures.

We came across this particularly devious Santa that children (and adults) were mesmerized by.

Just behind the main square (the Marienplatz), we found where the people of Munich buy their every Christmas foliage need. From wreaths to trees to bunches of holly. You name it they’ve got it.

The welcoming people running the stalls didn’t even mind us exploring even if we wouldn’t be likely to take a tree home to our hotel room.

Although I am fairly close to the true definition of a ‘girly girl’ I am unashamedly a lover of beautiful cars and a F1 fan. So even though it wouldn’t be a stop on most people’s Christmas holiday list we ventured out to the BMW Welt for the afternoon. We had a great afternoon walking through BMW’s of past, present and future.

I am sure that J dreams of this Christmas tree for our place.