First Day in the Lion City

On our first day in Singapore we hit the ground running. Our hotel was on the border of Chinatown so we thought it was the perfect place to start.

We didnt have to go far before we were greeted by charismatic streets lined with beautiful colonial architecture. Each building had its own individual character and story that has no doubt, grown and developed over time.

Popping the covers off our cameras we quickly realized that they hadn’t adapted to the humidity quite as well as us. The lenses had fogged up and needed airing out. In Singapore, the air conditioning is strong and efficient inside hotels, public transport and shops. We found that we could happily wander around outside for about 2 hours before needing some indoor respite from the hot and humid climate.

After visiting the somewhat ‘touristy’ markets and a Hawker centre, we made our way up to Ann Siang Hill. A friend had suggested that this former trading area turned exclusive social spot, was an incredible place to spend an afternoon exploring. She wasn’t wrong! Its vivid history has led to it becoming a melting pot of ‘hipster’ cafes and traditional Chinese stores, everything from a British Barber shop to a typically Mexican bar.

To experience this place at its liveliest visit in the evening (plenty of restaurants and bars to try out). But, this place is equally as charming in the morning with cafes and restaurants setting up for the day.

For a taste of the more traditional side of Chinatown we headed to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. There are more than three levels to explore. Be sure to visit the rooftop which houses the 1000 Buddha Garden, a perfect oasis from the heat and busy city outside.

xx The Strawberry Story